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Real-Time URL Scanning and Phishing Sandbox

Live URL Scan to Detect Phishing Websites with Precision

Live URL Scanner in CheckPhish delivers a powerful Phishing URL Checker that uses advanced machine learning and threat intelligence techniques to analyze URLs and determine if they are phishing sites. By evaluating patterns commonly associated with phishing attacks, our scanner swiftly identifies potential threats, ensuring you stay one step ahead of online threats.

Threats Detected:

Tech Support Scams
Gift Card Scams
Survey Scams
Drug/Pharmacy Scams
Illegal Streaming Sites
Crytojacking Sites
How does it work

Deep Learning-Powered Live URL Scan for Real-Time Phishing Detection

CheckPhish URL Scanner uses deep learning, computer vision and NLP to mimic how a person would look at, understand, and draw a verdict on a suspicious website. Our engine learns from high quality, proprietary datasets containing millions of image and text samples for high accuracy detection.

CheckPhish has developed a highly scalable scanner by analyzing all sites in a command line browser. Checkphish’s scanner infrastructure is able to handle a large volume of requests efficiently, making it ideal for scanning numerous links and processing millions of domains. By incorporating advanced algorithms, DNS resolution tools, and both 3rd party and proprietary threat intelligence feeds, Checkphish’s URL scanner effectively separates valid results from noise, ensuring accurate detection of phishing and scam threats.


1 Billion+

URLs scanned



Fortune 500 companies use CheckPhish



Brands monitored daily



Phishing kits analyzed to date

Get Visibility Through Real-Time Analysis and Reporting

With CheckPhish’s Phishing URL Scanner, you will real-time analysis of URLs, providing immediate results and accurate reports. Get instant insight into threat intelligence, dom tree, Whois info, Passive DNS, Screenshots, and more.


Explore Malicious Sites Safely in a Secure Sandbox

CheckPhish’s Phishing URL  Scanner identifies and visits phishing sites in a secure sandbox environment. Safely explore and analyze malicious content without risking your network or devices. By isolating the malicious site, CheckPhish allows you to gather valuable intelligence without sacrificing security.

Free Domain Monitoring

The security intelligence and expertise you expect, brought to you by the team at Bolster.


High Precision Live URL Scan

CheckPhish's machine learning technology is completely signature-less and automatically adapts to ever-changing fake and phishing sites. It does not rely on signatures and blocklists like other anti-phishing tools.


Highly Scalable URL Scanner

Whether your queries are in thousands or millions per day, we've got you covered with our real-time anti-phishing services. The most scalable browser infrastructure powers the backbone of CheckPhish's scanning abilities.


World Class Support

When you need answers to queries on specific phishing cases, our experienced U.S. security protection specialists bring unparalleled support, so that you focus on your core business.


Fastest Detection with Live URL Scan

We provide zero-day detection on phishing and malicious counterfeit websites targeting your brand. We detect such websites in seconds, not days or weeks like other blocklist-based phishing protection software solutions.

Get Started Today for Free!

Only Checkphish’s scanning logic includes mapping the proprietary typosquat to domain registration and hosting provider information. CheckPhish proprietary typosquat generation gives the widest breadth of coverage for potential attacks. Additionally, it analyzes content, MX servers, and other relevant threat information, enabling Checkphish to provide comprehensive and accurate results in their phishing threat detection.

Don’t let typosquatting attacks compromise your online security. Get started with CheckPhish today and take proactive steps towards protecting your domains across web and email.


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